2005 Department News

December 5, 2005  

Physics & Astronomy professorBruce Gaulinhas been elected to Fellowship in theAmerican Physical Societyas a recognition by his peers of his outstanding contributions to physics. He is being cited "For leadership in the application of scattering techniques to problems in phase transitions and magnetism", and the election will be published in March 2006.

November 4, 2005  

Physics and Astronomy graduate student Michael Massa and Assistant ProfessorKari Dalnoki-Veresswere praised in the journalNatureby professor of physical chemistry at the University of Sheffield, Anthony Ryan, for their "elegantly simple" technique to study nucleation, the beginnings of crystallization. Ryan was commenting on their work published in Physical Review Letters (92, 255509; 2004).

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October 12, 2005  

University Avenue was officially renamed today to 'Brockhouse Way' in honour of Bertram Brockhouse, the 1994 recipient of the Nobel Prize in Phyics.

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October 12, 2005  

The inaugural winners of the prestigiousBrockhouse Canada Prize for Interdisciplinary Research in Science and Engineering,Sajeev John and Geoffrey Ozin, will discuss their work on photonics at theBrockhouse Canada Prize Lectureon Wednesday, Oct. 12. The prize was formed as a tribute to the co-winner of the 1994 Nobel prize in Physics byBertram Brockhouse, professor of physics at McMaster from 1962 to 1984.

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September 22, 2005  

The first annual Jim Waddington Prize in Physics & Astronomy was awarded to Emma Mazurek by Jim Waddington at a gathering of undergraduates and Professors in the Department. Emma, who achieved the highest standing in Physics 1BA3, is currently in Level 2, Honours Physics.

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July 12, 2005  

All 153 members of the department were congratulated by way of a free lunch at the University Club for the best participation on campus for the Commuter Challenge, a week-long event that takes place across the country to encourage people to find other ways of getting to work other than by driving alone. Lecturer Ken Sills and senior physics student Christian Veenstra were commended and presented with gifts for their successful organizational work.

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June 30, 2005  

Effective July 1, 2005,David Venustakes over the reins fromJohn Berlinskyas the chair of the department of Physics & Astronomy. Stepping in as associate chair isKari Dalnoki-Veresswho replacesGraeme Luke.

June 29, 2005  

Physics & Astronomy professorPeter G. Sutherlandwill end his term as Dean of Science at the end of the month handing over those duties to John Capone.

June 1, 2005  

Joseph Ian Jeyaseelan, a student in grade 12 at St. Mary's Catholic Secondary School in Hamilton has won the Department of Physics & Astronomy Entrance Award Draw for 2005.

May 18, 2005  

Congratulations are in order for our grad students returning with end-of-meeting prizes from the annual meeting of theCanadian Astronomical Societywhich just wound up in Montreal.

From the national astronomy grad student association, one of the two prizes for Best Poster Presentation by a student went to Sijing Shen (McMaster), and for Best Oral Presentation to Steve Bickerton (McMaster).

From the CASCA Board of Directors, the prize for best oral presentation went to Soko Matsumura (McMaster) with an honourable mention to Steve Bickerton.

March 29, 2005  

Cliff Burgess, a high-energy particle theorist, has accepted the offer of a position as Professor at McMaster. Recently awarded a Killam Research Fellowship, he will continue to divide his time between McMaster and the Perimeter Institute.

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