2017 Department News

McMaster undergrads host successful CCUWiP

This past weekend our Department hosted the 4th annual Canadian Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics (CCUWiP). The conference was a huge success and we would like to congratulate the exectutive committee who made it all possible:

Anastasia Smolina - Chair
Jennifer Scora - VP Sponsorships
Courtney Mulholland - VP Logistics
Dana Murdoch - VP Events
Jasper Grond - VP Technology
Mindy Chapman - Treasurer
Harrison Winch - VP Speakers
Sara Cormier - Administrative Co-ordinator
Special thanks goes out to Claire Prest (Design), Jennifer Tang (Initial bid), Carmen Lee (CCUWiP 2016), Alison Sills (Faculty contact), Mara Esposto (Finance organization), Tina Stewart (Administrative help), and the Canadian and U.S National CUWiP Organizing Committees for their advice and guidance.

It was a weekend filled with fruitful discussions and inspiring talks and workshops. A truly great event.

Dr. Cliff Burgess awarded 3rd prize in the 2016 Bulchalter Cosmology Prize Competition

Congratulations to Prof. Cliff Burgess whose paper entitled “EFT Beyond the Horizon: Stochastic Inflation and How Primordial Quantum Fluctuations Go Classical” was awarded 3rd prize in the 2016 Bulchalter Cosmology Prize Competition! The judging committee recognized the work as “a remarkable paper that sheds light on how quantum fluctuations exiting the Hubble scale are rendered into the classical large-scales of our Universe, detailing a process by which gravitational interaction triggers this transition.” You can see a link to this on the McMaster Daily News. The full announcement can be found here.
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