2018 Department News

McMaster team receives Canadian Space Agency funding for NEUDOSE mission

Congratulations to the team of students and researchers from McMaster University who were awarded funding from the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) to launch their radiation-detecting satellite up to the International Space Station in 2021! The satellite was designed as part of the NEUDOSE mission: http://mcmasterneudose.ca/. The CSA funding was announced on Friday, May 4th, providing $200,000 to 15 teams across Canada to build satellites to be launched, including the team from McMaster. Pictures from the announcement event can be seen below:


Multiple media outlets covered the announcement as well, including Daily Planet: https://www.discovery.ca/Shows/Daily-Planet/video?vid=1247498, CHCH: http://www.chch.com/mcmaster-students-receive-funding-canadian-space-agency/, and the McMaster Daily News: https://dailynews.mcmaster.ca/article/mcmaster-made-satellite-to-be-launched-as-part-of-canadian-space-agency-program/.

These are very exciting times for this talented team of students and researchers. We look forward to the satellite launch in 2021! 

Dr. Bill Harris to be awarded honourary degree

Dr. William (Bill) Harris, one of the founding figures of astronomy at McMaster University, will be awarded an honourary degree at McMaster's spring convocation ceremony for his outstanding contributions to science at McMaster. The ceremony will take place during the June 14th Science Convocation at 2:30pm. Congratulations to Bill, along with the 9 other honourary degree recipients! More information can be found here: https://dailynews.mcmaster.ca/article/spring-convocation-ceremonies-to-present-honorary-degrees-to-ten-distinguished-figures/.

Girls in Science Day!

The 5th annual Girls in Science (GIS) Day will be taking place on Friday, April 27th, 2018. GIS Day is an outreach event aimed at tenth grade girls from area high-schools. The event is organized by the Graduate Women in Physics and Astronomy (GWIPA) society at McMaster University. The goal of GIS Day is to encourage young girls to be confident in themselves and foster a love of science by providing a non-intimidating, inclusive event filled with science-related activities. Participants will take part in science workshops, science demonstrations, tour research labs on campus, and hear a keynote presentation from a female faculty member in the Faculty of Science. By encouraging young girls to have a love for science, we are helping to recruit the bright students of the future and we are working towards addressing the gender bias that exists in STEM fields. Grade 10 is a pivotal year for students in Ontario, as students are required to take grade 10 science, but are not required to take any grade 11 science. We hope to inspire more girls to take high school science classes, and to encourage those who are already doing so to remain in the STEM fields.

We look forward to a fun-filled day of science with these young future scientists!  

Dr. Alannah Hallas, recent PhD grad, wins 2018 NSSA Prize for Outstanding Research

Congratulations to Dr. Alannah Hallas who has been awarded the Neutron Scattering Society of America (NSSA) 2018 Prize for Outstanding Student Research. Dr. Hallas won the prize "for her exploration of new families of quantum pyrochlore magnets and elucidating their phase behaviour and excitations using forefront neutron scattering techniques". Dr. Hallas was jointly supervised by Dr. Graeme Luke, Dr. Bruce Gaulin and Dr. Chris Wiebe during her PhD at McMaster University. She is currently a postdoctoral fellow at Rice University. The full press release can be found here: https://neutronscattering.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/press-release-2018-v5.pdf.

Excellent work Dr. Hallas!

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