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Grad students win best Science Themed Halloween costume and Pumpkin Carving contest

Congratulations to Symphony Huang and Mathew Schneider who won the best Science Themed Halloween costume contest run by the SciGSA. They went dressed as "frustrated graduate students" which is a pun off of frustrated magnitism. LOL


Congratulations also to Megan Oxland who won the pumpkin carving contest!

pumpkin carving 

Congratulations to Vismaya Pillai who won Best Presentation in the Astrophysics/Cosmology category at CUPC

Mitacs Globalink research intern Vismaya Pillai won the award for "Best Astrophysics or Cosmology Presentation" at the recent Canadian Undergraduate Physics Conference for her work with Christine Wilson on measuring dust and gas in galaxies in the Virgo Cluster. Currently a third year undergraduate at the University of Hong Kong, Vismaya focused on looking for evidence that ram pressure from the hot gas that fills the Virgo Cluster produces changes in the gas and dust inside individual galaxies.

Virgo Cluster

What's Killing Galaxies?

Galaxies are being killed in one of the most extreme regions of the nearby Universe and astronomers want to know why. A recently published paper, which will be featured in the December edition of the Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series, provides the clearest evidence yet, that the environments surrounding galaxies can reach far within the galaxies and have a lethal impact on the fuel needed to birth new stars: their molecular gas.

The Canadian-led paper from a collaboration of 36 international astronomers, which includes Christine Wilson, Distinguished University Professor at McMaster and a principal investigator, presents state-of-the-art observations of molecular gas in 51 galaxies belonging to the Virgo Cluster.

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