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McMaster Cepheid Photometry and Radial Velocity Data Archive

This site contains tables of published photometric data for galactic and extragalactic Cepheid variables. These data are provided with the assistance and permission of the authors. All data files are ASCII. Additional files will be added as time allows. Full descriptions of the original data may be found in the cited papers.

For mean properties, positions, reddenings and cross-references, we highly recommend that you consult the DDO Galactic Cepheid Database . These two sites are complementary.

Click here for information on known Milky Way, LMC, and SMC beat (double-mode) Cepheids.

Galactic Cepheids

Extragalactic Cepheids

Database Statistics

  Galaxy LMC SMC
# of Stars 859 128 338
# of Photometry Lists 2046 268 480
# of Radial Velocity Lists 486 32 10
# of Finder Charts 206 0 0


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