Finder Chart for V609 Cyg

V609 Cyg Field
STScI Digitized Sky Survey, © 1995 AURA, Inc.

Field is 600x600 arcsec with 1.70 arcsec pixels. North is up, west is to the right. Format is 353x353.
Click here to download the Digitized Sky Survey FITS image of this field. Versions of saoimage more recent than 1.12 will display J2000.0 coordinates if launched with: saoimage -fits V609_Cyg.fits
" The digitizations of the Schmidt sky survey plates have been made by the Space Telescope Science Institute under contract NAS5-26555 with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Notices of copyright and appropriate credits for the original photographic materials, which were taken with the Oschin Schmidt on Palomar Mountain and the UK Schmidt at Siding Spring, appear on the individual headers. Users of these data are asked to note and comply with the copyright limitations and acknowledge both the original source and the STScI digitization in any further use they make of these data. "