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The View From Within a Globular Cluster: Three Simulations

Globular Cluster from Center

Globular Cluster from 2.5 parsecs

Globular Cluster from 10 parsecs

Recent talks

JWST Photometry of Globular Cluster Systems in Abell 2744 Seminar, April 2024

Measuring Dark Matter in Galaxies Seminar, May 2020

Globular Cluster Systems: Steps to Formations Sexten 2019 Conference Talk, June 2019

Formation of Massive Star Clusters Seminar and Conference Talk, June 2019

Globular Cluster Systems and Galaxy Halo Masses Seminar and Conference Talk, April 2015

Sherlock Holmes, Alice in Wonderland, and Other Metaphors for Modern Science Public Talk, summer 2014

Galileo, Shakespeare, van Gogh: Creative Reactions to the End of the World Public talk, 2014

Globular Cluster Systems: An Overview For graduate course P782* on Galaxies, March 2014

Globular Cluster Systems in Rich Environments: New Issues in Formation and Evolution ESO Conference on Rich Clusters of Galaxies, June 2011

Between Galaxies and Stars Beals Award talk for Canadian Astronomical Society, Halifax, May 2010

Creative Responses to the End of the World Department colloquium for University of Victoria; a modification of a public talk for IYA2009 -- December 2009

The Astrophysics of Massive Star Clusters Seminar for McGill Graduate Student Workshop, August 2009

The Age(s) of Elliptical Galaxies Seminar at Mount Stromlo and at University of Waterloo, November 2008

The New Mass/Metallicity Relation for Globular Clusters Talk at Swinburne University, October 2008

Ages of the Halo Stars in E Galaxies Talk at "Chemical Evolution of Dwarf Galaxies and Stellar Clusters", ESO, July 2008

Giving Talks and Writing Papers: Seminar given July 8, 2004 to the astro group students and faculty, about issues and techniques for giving professional talks and writing papers.