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On Campus


  • Taro Halal/Indian place in the basement of the Student Center. One of the best on campus.
  • MoMac Pizza, Sandwiches, etc. in building accross from ABB
  • La Piazza In student center, lots of selection, not particular good. Pizza better than at MoMac.
  • Bistro' Sit down food, in Mary Keyes dorm. Pricey, can do takeout too
  • Hospital The hospital cafeteria is surprisingly good, lots of selection
  • Bridges Vegitarian food in The Phoenix.
  • The Phoenix Grad student pub, in the same building as
  • 1280 Undergrad pub. Avoid at all costs.


  • There are many Tim Hortons on campus (student centre, MoMac, Hospital, MDCL, Athletic centre, and probably more)
  • Starbucks are located in the student centre and at Main & Emerson across from campus
  • Coffee (better than Tim Hortons) is available at the Union Market in the student centre
  • Williams cafe is located on Main street across from the hospital

Off Campus



  • Paisley Coffeehouse
  • Second Cup
  • Westdale Bumblebean


  • Ark & Anchor (King St W @ Queen)
  • Mulberry Coffeehouse (James St N)
  • Saint James (James St N)
  • Smalls Coffee (Cannon St E)
  • Cafe Oranje (King St E @ Spring)
  • Durand Coffee (Charlton Ave W)
  • And many many more excellent coffee shops plus ~a million Tim Hortons