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Archive of Previous Talks

Fall 2019

September 19Matt AlessiFormation of close-in super-Earths in evolving protoplanetary disks due to disk winds, by O. Masahiro et al. 2018, A&A 615, A63View
September 26Hao HeThe molecular gas properties and their relation with star formation activity in the early merger Arp 240, MSc research talk
October 3Ian RobertsA dominant population of optically invisible massive galaxies in the early Universe, by T. Wang et al. 2019, Nature 572, 211 View
October 10Joey RucskaTrans-Neptunian binaries as evidence for planetesimal formation by the streaming instability, by D. Nesvorný et al. 2019, Nature Astronomy 3, 808 View
October 24Hector RobinsonSimulations of the star-forming molecular gas in an interacting M51-like galaxy, by R. G. Tress et al. arXiv:1909.10520 View
October 31Ryan ChownThe spatially-resolved correlation between mid-infrared and CO emission in nearby galaxies, PhD research talk
November 7Doug Johnstone, NRC-HerzbergWhat the Sub-mm Variability of Embedded Protostars Tells Us about Accretion: Past, Present, and Future
November 8Tim Lichtenberg, Oxford UniversityGeophysical evolution during rocky planet formation
November 14Dennis GallantHow do supernovae impact the circumgalactic medium? I. Large-Scale Fountains in a Milky Way-Like Galaxy, by M. Li & S. Tonnesen, arXiv:1910.14235 View
November 21Ashley BemisConstraining the Environmental Dependence of Dense Gas and Star Formation, PhD research talk
November 21Nathan Brunettimachine learning and forecasting applied to traffic performance data in cities, NTCO internship talk
November 28Jacqueline WightmanAre galactic star formation and quenching governed by local, global or environmental phenomena?, by A. F. L. Bluck et al. arXiv:1911.08857 View
December 5Anita MathewsThe Cloud Factory I: Generating resolved filamentary molecular clouds from galactic-scale forces, by R. J. Smith et al. arXiv:1911.05753 View

Winter 2019

January 10Hao HeA SOFIA Survey of [CII] in the galaxy M51 I. [CII] as a tracer of Star Formation, by J. L. Pineda et al. arXiv:1811.11769 View
January 17Dennis GallantCosmic Dawn II (CoDa II): a new radiation-hydrodynamics simulation of the self-consistent coupling of galaxy formation and reionization, by P. Ocvirk et al. arXiv:1811.11192 View
January 24Jacqueline WightmanSDSS-IV MaNGA: Inside-out vs. outside-in quenching in different local environments, by L. Lin et al. arXiv:1901.05126 View
January 31Joshua MyersZoom-Simulations of Protoplanetary Disks starting from GMC scales, by M. Kuffmeier et al. arXiv:1611.10360 View
February 7Ian RobertsQuenching low-mass satellite galaxies: evidence for a threshold ICM density, PhD research talk
February 14Sachin KotechaTracing the Quenching History in Galaxy Clusters in the EAGLE Simulation, by D. Pallero et al. arXiv:1812.08802 View
February 21Hector RobinsonSupernovae feedback propagation: the role of turbulence, by L. Ohlin et al. arXiv:1902.00028 View
February 28Ashley BemisSupernovae feedback propagation: the role of turbulence, PhD research talk
March 7Anita MathewsCollisional N-Body Dynamics Coupled to Self-Gravitating Magnetohydrodynamics Reveals Dynamical Binary Formation, by J. E. Wall et al. arXiv:1901.01132 View
March 14Ben PearceThe terrestrial late veneer from core disruption of a lunar-sized impactor, by H. Genda et al. arXiv:1709.07554 View
March 21Joey RucskaOvercoming planet formation barriers via the streaming instability, PhD research talk
March 28Michael RadicaThe Search for Supernova Light Echoes in NGC6946, MSc research talk
April 4Ryan ChownDense gas is not enough: environmental variations in the star formation efficiency of dense molecular gas at 100pc scales in M51, by M. Querejeta et al. arXiv:1902.10437 View
April 11Nathan BrunettiCloud-scale properties of molecular gas in the nearest luminous infrared galaxy NGC 3256, PhD research talk
April 18Ngan Kim Nguyen, Hokkaido UniversityThe effect of disc instabilities on migrating planets
April 25Cemile Marsan, York UniversityHunting Monster Galaxies in the Early Universe
May 2Alex Cridland, Leiden ObservatoryConnecting planet formation and astrochemistry: Volatiles, refractories, and C/O in exoplanetary atmospheres
May 9Yasuhiro Hasegawa, NASA JPLPlanet Formation in Star-Forming Regions: from the Solar System to Other Worlds
May 16Toby BrownExtreme CO Isotopologue Line Ratios in ULIRGS: Evidence for a top-heavy IMF?, research talk
May 25Matt AlessiSculpting the Valley in the Radius Distribution of Small Exoplanets as a by-product of Planet Formation: The Core-Powered Mass-Loss Mechanism, by A. Gupta & H. Schlichting, 2019, MNRAS, 487, 24 View
June 13Ian RobertsLinking galaxy quenching and ICM density in low-redshift clusters, Conference practice talk

Fall 2018

September 13Matt AlessiDust Evolution & Planet Traps: Effects on Planet Populations, PhD research talk
September 20Ryan ChownThe link between molecular gas concentration, central star formation, bars and galaxy-galaxy interactions in EDGE-CALIFA galaxies, PhD research talk
September 27Ashley BemisStar Formation Efficiency per Free-fall Time in nearby Galaxies, by D. Utomo et al. (2018) ApJ, 861, L18. View
October 4Ben PearceInvestigating the origins of the building blocks of life, PhD research talk
October 11Ian RobertsWide-Field Optical Spectroscopy of Abell 133: A Search for Filaments Reported in X-ray Observations, by T. Connor et al. arXiv:1809.08241. View
October 18Nathan BrunettiVolumetric Star Formation laws of disc galaxies, by C. Bacchini et al. arXiv:1810.03616. View
October 25Charli Sakari, University of WashingtonGalactic Archaeology in the Milky Way and Beyond: R-Process-Enhanced Metal-Poor Stars and Globular Clusters
November 1Christine WilsonDense-gas tracers and carbon isotopes in five 2.5 < z < 4 lensed dusty star forming galaxies from the SPT SMG sample, by M. Bethermin et al. arXiv:1810.04695. View
November 1Toby BrownWhat Does a Successful Postdoctoral Fellowship Publication Record Look Like?, by J. Pepper et al. arXiv:1810.09505. View
November 1Toby BrownThe Leaky Pipeline for Postdocs: A study of the time between receiving a PhD and securing a faculty job for male and female astronomers, by K. Flaherty, arXiv:1810.01511. View
November 8Kavin LacailleALMA reveals evidence for spiral arms, bars, and rings in high-redshift submillimeter galaxies, by J. A. Hodge et al. arXiv:1810.12307. View
November 15Markus RummelAxion-Like Particles and the X-ray universe, research talk
November 22Sergey MashchenkoWhat is 'Oumuamua?, research talk
November 29Michael RadicaExceptionally fast ejecta seen in light echoes of Eta Carinaea's Great Eruption, by N. Smith et al. arXiv:1808.00991. View
December 6Joey RucskaObservational Signatures of Planets in Protoplanetary Disks: Planet-Induced Line Broadening in Gaps, by R. Dong et al. arXiv:1811.09629. View
December 13Charlotte WelkerBuilding a theory of the interplay between galaxies and the cosmic web, research talk

Summer 2018

DateSpeakerArticle / Talk TitleLink
May 3Nathan BrunettiAn ALMA Archival Study of the Clump Mass Function in the Large Magellanic Cloud, MSc Research Talk
May 3Hao HeHI Observations of Major-Merger Pairs at z = 0: atomic gas and star formation, by P. Zuo et al. arXiv:1804.03500 View
May 17Joey RucskaIncreased streaming instability growth rates from vertical dust settling, Conference Practice Talk
June 14Ben PearceThe curious case of Mars formation, by J. M. Y. Woo et al. arXiv:1806.00168. View
June 14Ian RobertsGASP IX. Jellyfish galaxies in phase-space: an orbital study of intense ram-pressure stripping in clusters , by Y. L. Jaffé et al. arXiv:1802.07297 View
June 21Sam BenincasaA tale of two clump masses: a new way to study clump formation, Conference Practice Talk
June 28Nathan BrunettiThe First GMC Catalogue in the Closest LIRG: NGC 3256, Conference Practice Talk
June 28Ashley BemisStar Formation and Dense Gas in Extreme Environments with ALMA, Conference Practice Talk
August 9Mayte Alfaro Cuello, MPIA HeidelbergA Deep View into the Nucleus of the Sagittarius Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy M54
August 23Christine WilsonDense gas and star formation in nearby starburst galaxies with the ALMA archive

Winter 2018

DateSpeakerArticle / Talk TitleLink
January 4Fereshteh Rajabi, Institute for Quantum Computing, WaterlooDicke’s Superradiance -- From millisecond fast radio bursts (FRBs) to multiyear maser bursts
January 11Joey RucskaOvercoming planet formation barriers with dust and gas simulations in SPH, MSc Research Talk
January 18Jeremy Webb, University of TorontoDo Globular Clusters Have an Identity Problem? - The Dynamics of Mass Segregation and Tidal Stripping
February 1Ashley BemisAn ALMA view of star formation efficiency suppression in early-type galaxies after gas-rich minor mergers, by F. van de Voort et al. arXiv:1801.08140 View
February 8Ashley BemisNumerical Calibration of the HCN-Star Formation Correlation, by A. Onus et al. arXiv:1801.09952 View
February 8Paolo BianchiniA whirling plane of satellite galaxies around Centaurus A challenges cold dark matter cosmology, by O. Müller et al. arXiv:1802.00081 View
February 15Sam BenincasaCloud Scale ISM Structure and Star Formation in M51, by A. K. Leroy et al. arXiv:1706.08540 View
February 22Paolo BianchiniThe dynamical life of globular clusters, research talk
March 1Nathan BrunettiSubsonic islands within a high-mass star-forming IRDC, by V. Sokolov et al. arXiv:1802.07043 View
March 1Ashley BemisExtinction Maps and Dust-to-Gas Ratios in Nearby Galaxies with LEGUS, by L. Kahre et al. arXiv:1802.06915 View
March 8Ralph PudritzThe origin of filamentary star forming clouds in magnetised galaxies , research talk
March 8Jasper GroundImplementing and Characterizing Adaptive Refinement in TREVR (Tree Based Reverse Ray Tracing), MSc research talk
March 15Michael RadicaA High Resolution Study of NGC6822 with SITELLE, MSc research talk
March 22Ian RobertsRevisiting the Cooling Flow Problem in Galaxies, Groups, and Clusters of Galaxies, by M. McDonald et al. arXiv:1803.04972 View
March 29Matthew AlessiRadiation Hydrodynamics Simulations of Photoevaporation of Protoplanetary Disks by Ultra Violet Radiation: Metallicity Dependence, by R. Nakatani et al. arXiv:1706.04570 View
April 5Joey RucskaLunar Crater Identification via Deep Learning, by A. Silburt et al. arXiv:1803.02192 View
April 12Cliff BurgessThe EDGES experiment: what they say they saw, why it would be interesting, and why it is probably just systematics View
April 19Melanie DemersA galaxy lacking dark matter, by P. van Dokkum et al.View
April 26Ashley BemisNear and Far: Dense Gas and Star Formation, PhD research talk

Fall 2017

DateSpeakerArticle / Talk TitleLink
September 21Sam BenincasaFrom molecules to young stellar clusters: the star formation cycle across the disk of M 33, by E. Corbelli et al. (2017) A&A 601, A146. View
September 28Matt AlessiHow cores grow by pebble accretion I. Direct core growth, by M. G. Brouwers et al. arXiv:1708.05392 View
October 5Ryan ChownMapping the millimeter-wave sky with South Pole Telescope and Planck data, MSc research talk
October 19Sam BenincasaA tale of two clump masses – a different approach to studying clump formation in simulations, PhD research talk
October 26Alison SillsSummary of the 75+ papers that came out on October 16th about the LIGO + EM spectrum observations of a pair of merging neutron stars and subsequent kilonova
November 2Fraser EvansThe SAMI galaxy survey: spatially resolving the connection between dust and star formation, MSc research talk
November 2Ian RobertsConnecting optical and X-ray tracers of galaxy cluster relaxation, PhD research talk
November 9Ashley BemisInefficient jet-induced star formation in Centaurus A: High resolution ALMA observations of the northern filaments, by Q. Salomé et al. arXiv:1710.09851 View
November 16Colin McNally, Queen Mary University of LondonWind driven protoplanetary discs and how planets move in them
November 23Toby BrownGalaxy Evolution and the Gas Cycle, research talk
November 30Nathan BrunettiThe shapes of column density PDFs. The importance of the last closed contour, by J. Alves et al. (2017) A&A 606, L2 View
November 30Ben PearceMeteoritic Abundances of Fatty Acids and Potential Reaction Pathways in Planetesimals, by J. C. -Y. Lai et al. arXiv:1809.09779 View
December 7Melanie DemersGalaxy Zoo: The interplay of quenching mechanisms in the group environment, by R. J. Smethurst et al. arXiv:1704.06269 View