David Taylor
David Taylor
Professor Emeritus
David W. Taylor did his undergraduate and graduate studies at Oxford University, obtaining his D.Phil. in 1965. He spent 1965-67 as a Member of the Technical Staff at Bell Telephone Laboratories, Murray Hill, N.J. and then joined the Physics Department at McMaster. He has been Professor of Physics since 1977 and retired in 2004 . He spent 1974-75 on a Senior Research Fellowship at the Department of Theoretical Physics, Oxford.

Dr. Taylor's research was mainly in the area of lattice vibrations, with the emphasis being on the vibrational properties of substitutionally disordered crystals. Of particular interest was the use of the embedded atom model both for disordered crystals and also to calculate the anharmonic vibrational properties of crystals.

Dr. Taylor is now involved with scuba diving and is the financial director for Save Ontario Shipwrecks and is also financial director for the Ontario Underwater Council.

?A collection of his point and shoot pictures of reefs and wrecks is available at http://www.physics.mcmaster.ca/~taylordw/photos/?
Lattice vibrations, subsitutionally disordered crystals, embedded atom model for anharmonic vibrational properties of crystals
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