Dr. Eric Lauga - University of Cambridge


Title: Fluid dynamics of swimming bacteria

Motile bacteria self-propel in fluids using a complex apparatus called flagella. In each flagellum, a specialised motor rotates a helical filament located outside the cell in the following way: the rotation of each motor is transmitted to a short flexible segment called the hook which in turn transmits it to a helical filament, enabling viscous propulsion and swimming of the whole cell. In this talk I will highlight recent modelling work from my group where fluid mechanical forces exerted on swimming bacteria lead to instabilities. I will first explain how wall-cell hydrodynamic interaction can lead to a transition to a wall-bound state for swimming bacteria. I will next show how the the swimming of cells with multiple flagella is enabled by an elastohydrodynamic instability. I will finish with a brief highlight of some of our recent work on bacterial dynamics.


Institution: University of Cambridge

Location: Zoom

Host: Dr. Cecile Fradin

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