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Dr. Daryl Haggard - McGill University


Title: X-ray-Driven Multiwavelength and Multimessenger Discovery

Speaker: Dr. Daryl Haggard

Institute: McGill University

Location: ABB-102

Description: I will discuss the importance of time-resolved X-rayobservations in studies of strong gravity near black holes and neutron stars,and also in the context of multiwavelength and multimessenger astrophysics.I'll draw on two exciting examples: Sgr A* and GW170817. X-ray andmultiwavelength monitoring of Sgr A*, the supermassive black hole at the centerof the Milky Way, has allowed us to test whether the black hole's variations indifferent parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, including high-contrast X-rayflares, are due to the same physical processes.

These data also lay the groundwork for potential newdiscovery by the Event Horizon Telescope. Meanwhile, the gravitational wave andEM discovery of the NS merger GW170817 has opened a new era of multi-messengerastronomy. Chandra provided the only X-ray detections of this event, which werecritical in the early interpretations of the associated short gamma-ray burst.


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