Dr. Valentin Demidov


Dr. Valentin Demidov 

Date: April 6, 2022

Time: 2:30 PM

TitleQuantitative optical imaging for preclinical and clinical research: coherence / fluorescence / Cherenkov approaches and beyond

The biomedical optics sector is expanding at double-digit rates annually due to increasing use of optical technologies in medical practice and thriving interest in wearable and home-care products. Diverse optical technologies integrated into compact medical devices can now be found in primary care, diagnostics, interventional guidance, and in light-based therapeutics. Combining various existing and developing novel optics-based approaches throughout my research, I will present in this talk how their synergy can inform the decision-making process and predict the outcome of conventional and ultra-high dose rate (FLASH) radiotherapy. Extending their application to other fields, in a few slides I will touch upon my recent pre-clinical research results in photodynamic therapy, orthopaedic trauma management and fluorescence guided surgery. In the last part of the talk I will share plans on further development and translation to the clinic of my optical imaging platform, and discuss the potential of Cherenkov luminescence imaging in establishment at McMaster of a first-in-Canada video rate dose delivery imaging tool for intensity-modulated radio- and arc therapies.  

Location: ABB-271

Host: Dr. Fiona McNeill
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