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Title: The search for an electric dipole moment in the neutron - why is it so difficult, and yet so impactful

Observations show us that our Universe is matter dominated: matter outweighs antimatter, and that by far more than estimates based on standard models of particle physics and cosmology. Though, were they in equilibrium, it all had annihilated to light and energy and things would be quite boring in our Universe.

Key to improving the understanding of this asymmetry are processes that involve CP-violation -- that is the violation of the combined symmetries of charge conjugation (C) and parity transformation (P). The Standard Model of Particle Physics fails to explain the observed ratio between matter and antimatter by several orders of magnitude due to a lack of CP-violating processes. 

Thus, searches for those processes are very powerful beyond standard model physics probes — like the search for a permanent electric dipole moment of the free neutron. A non-zero neutron EDM violates P and time reversal (T) symmetry. T-violation is equivalent to the CP-violation, taking the CPT theorem for granted. This constitutes a strong link to the matter-antimatter asymmetry described above!

In this presentation I will introduce TRIUMF’s ultracold neutron facility (the tool of choice to search for a neutron electric dipole moment) and lay out the strategy of our collaboration on how to successfully hunt this elusive quantity and improve the sensitivity of state of the art measurements by one order of magnitude, to eventually contribute to our understanding of the structure of the Universe.

Speaker: Dr. Beatrice Franke


Institution: TRIUMF

Location: Zoom

Host: Dr. Alan Chen

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Topic: P&A Colloquium
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