Dr. Eduardo Martin-Martinez - University of Waterloo


Title: Engineering exotic spacetimes with Quantum Energy Teleportation?

Description:A protocol that has its origin in quantum information theory, quantum energy teleportation (QET), can use the entanglement in the ground state of free field theories to unlock (at a cost) utilizable energy from vacuum fluctuations. We will introduce QET in quantum field theory, and we will show how to use quantum energy teleportation in the light-matter interaction as an operational means to create quantum field states that violate energy conditions and have negative local stress-energy densities. We show that the protocol is optimal in the sense that it scales in a way that saturates the quantum interest conjecture and violates energy conditions maximally. We will briefly discuss the backreaction of this protocol on spacetime curvature, and the gravitational properties of the negative energy density created with this process.

Speaker: Dr. Eduardo Martin-Martinez

Institute: University of Waterloo

Location: ABB-102

Website - https://uwaterloo.ca/applied-mathematics/people-profiles/eduardo-martin-martinez

Host: Sung-Sik Lee
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