Dr. Christopher Rowley - McGill University


Dr. Christopher Rowley - McGill University

Date: March 30, 2022

Time: 2:30 PM

TitleUsing MRI to Probe the Microstructure of the Cerebral Corte

There is an intrinsic relationship between the structure and function of the human brain, which has motivated researchers to characterize the brain’s microstructure to gain a better understanding of how the brain functions. The superb soft tissue contrast offered by MRI, paired with its ability to exploit different physical contrast mechanisms, makes it well suited to image the microstructure of this complex organ. The predominant focus of this research field has used these advancements to study myelination patterns across the brain, as myelin has a significant impact on brain function and MR contrast. The progression of these techniques is necessary to better understand how the brain learns from novel experiences, how it changes with age, and how it is affected by mental health and neurodegeneration. In this talk, I will present my work on characterizing the microstructure of the brain with in-vivo MRI, with some initial findings on how alterations in cortical microstructure correlates with functional outcomes. Additionally, I will present some work highlighting different physical contrast mechanisms paired with biophysical modelling that can be used to extract more specific information about brain microstructure.

Location: ABB-163

Host: Dr. Fiona McNeill
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