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 Rajat K. Bhaduri

Rajat K. Bhaduri 

Professor Emeritus

Department of Physics and Astronomy 
McMaster University 
Hamilton, ON 
L8S 4M1 

Office:  ABB-274 

Phone:  (905) 525-9140 x23185 
FAX:    (905) 546-1252 
E-mail: Research Area: Theory


Current Research Interests

Recent Publications

  1. Geometric scaling in the spectrum of an electroncaptured by a stationary finite dipole, D. Schumayer, B.P. van Zyl, RKB†, and D.A. Hutchinson, to appear in Euro Phys. Lett. (2010).
  2. The virial expansion of a classically interacting system, RKB, M.V.N. Murthy, and Diptiman Sen, to appear in J. Phys. A, (2010).
  3. Cold atoms at unitarity and the inverse square interaction, RKB, M.V.N. Murthy, and M. K. Srivastava, J.Phys. B 42 235302 (2009).
  4. The two-atom energy spectrum in a harmonic trap near a Feshbach resonance at higher partial waves, A. Suzuki, Yi Liang, and RKB, Phys. Rev. A80 033601-1-6, (2009).
  5. The two-body problem of ultra-cold atoms in a harmonic trap, P. Shea, B.P. van Zyl, and RKB, Am.J. Phys. 77, 511-515 (2009).
  6. An approximate shape-independent relation at Feshbach resonance, RKB, M.Seidl, and A. Khare, Phys. Lett. A372, 4160-4163 (2008).
  7. Fermionic ground state at unitarity and Haldane exclusion statistics, RKB, M.V.N. Murthy, and M. Brack, J. Phys. B41, 115301 pages (2008).
  8. Fermions at unitarity and Haldane exclusion statistics, RKB, M.V.N. Murthy, and M.K. Srivastava, J.Phys. B40, 1775 (2007).
  9. Fermionic density functional at a Feshbach resonance, M. Seidl and RKB, Phys. Rev. A75, 052509-1-5 (2007).
  10. * Low excitation corrections to the nuclear density of states by statistical techniques, A. Jelovic, Phys. Rev. C76, 017301-1-3 (2007).
  11. Semiclassical corrections to the interaction energy of a hard sphere Boltzmann gas, RKB, W. van Dijk,, and M.K. Srivastava, European J. Phys. 27, 1323-1329 (2006).
  12. Gentile statistics and restricted partitions, C.S. Srivastan, M.V.N.Murthy, and RKB, Pramana 66, 485-494 (2006).
  13. Supersymmetric QM for a two-dimensional disc, A. Suzuki, R. Dutt, and RKB, Pramana 65, 1-10 (2005).
  14. Shape-invariant potentials in SUSY QM and periodic orbit theory, RKB, J. Sakhr, D.W.L. Sprung, R. Dutt, and A. Suzuki, J.Phys. A38, L183-L189 (2005).
  15. Microcanonical entropy of a black hole, RKB, M. N. Tran, and S. Das, Phys. Rev D69, 104018-1-6 (2004).
  16. On the quantum density of states and partitioning an integer, M. N. Tran, M. V. N. Murthy, and RKB, Ann.Phys. (N. Y.), 311, 204-219 (2004).
  17. Some exact results for a trapped gas at finite temperatures, B.P. van Zyl, RKB, A. Suzuki, and M. Brack, Phys.Rev. A67, 023609-1-10 (2003).
  18. Number Fluctuations and the fundamental theorem of arithmetic, M.N. Tran and RKB, Phys. Rev. E68, 026105-1-4 (2003).
  19. Zeta function zeros, powers of primes, and quantum chaos, J. Sakhr, RKB, and B.P. van Zyl, Phys. Rev. f E68, 026206-1-7 (2003).
    † My name is abbreviated as RKB.
    * Based on his M.Sc. Thesis under my supervision.


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