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Graduate Students in Physics & Astronomy

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Masters Students

Name (Degree)LocationPhone*EmailSupervisor
Muhannad Alghoul Josip Zic
Sebastian Avakian   TBA TBA Erik Sorensen
Gillian Bogert   TBA TBA Ralph Pudritz
Yannick Castonguay   ABB-269-D 26057 Erik Sorensen
Ellis Barder-Connelly   TBA TBA Laura Parker
Mihnea Constantin   TBA TBA Laura Parker
Ryan Cooke   TBD TBD Josip Zic
Sarah Costa   TBD TBD Michael Farquharson
Megan Cvitan   TBD TBD Chen/Lennarz
Annum Dawood   TBA TBA Carmel Mothersill
Ben Dyer   TBA TBA Soo Hyun Byun
Pirouz Emami Chris Thome
Moesha Emberru Orest Ostapiak
Lionel Fernandes   TBA TBA Laura Parker
Jonah Gautreau   TBA TBA Graeme Luke
Connor Gresham Carmel Mothersill
Rishita Gudapati   TBD TBD James Wadsley
Samuel Hancock   TBD TBD Carmel Mothersill
Katherine Hartman   ABB-245-C 28121 William Harris
Symphony Huang   TBD TBD Bruce Gaulin
Taavishi Jindel   TBA TBA Christine Wilson
Denise Kamp   ABB-269C 26569 Duncan O'Dell and Cliff Burgess
Enoch Kong Tom Farrell
Andrew Kovachik   TBA TBA Sergey Sibiryakov
Hannah Krivic   TBD TBD Maikel Rheinstadter
Shubham Kukreja   TBA TBA Sung-Sik Lee
Jennifer Laing   TBA TBA Christine Wilson
Dylan Lazarus   TBA TBA Laura Parker
Yu Li   TBA TBA An-Chang Shi
Tetyana Loskutova   TBD TBD Maikel Rheinstadter
Alex Lu   TBD TBD James Wadsley and Laura Parker
Matthew Nugent   ABB-251 21487 Graeme Luke
Padraic Odesse   TBA TBA James Wadsley
Megan Oxland   TBA TBA Laura Parker
Rachel Pillsworth   TBD TBD Ralph Pudritz
Tianyi Ren Soo Hyun Byun
Addison Richards   TBD TBD Erik Sorensen
Felipe Rivera-Madrinan   TBD TBD Paul Higgs
Megan Rutherford   ABB-251 21487 Graeme Luke
Mathew Schneider   TBD TBD Cliff Burgess
Julianna Sebastiani Fiona McNeill
Brendan Sheehan Fiona McNeill
Bobby Tang   TBD TBD Michael Farquharson
Mackenzie Tigwell   TBD TBD Andrea Armstrong
Chad Turner   TBA TBA RoxanaVlad
Yanfeng Xie   TBA TBA Soo Hyun Byun
Peipei Zhou   TBA TBA Bruce Gaulin
Peixiao (Karl) Zhou   TBD TBD Soo Hyun Byun
Yijia Zi   TBA TBA Pat Clancy

*The 5-digit telephone extensions beginning with a '2' should be preceded by +1-905-525-9140 if calling from off-campus. The McMaster general phone number may be reached at 905-525-9140.

PhD Students

Name (Degree)LocationPhone*EmailSupervisor
Jordan Atchison   ABB-251 21487 David Venus
Sami Ullah Bangash Farquharson/McNeill
James Beare   ABB-251 21487 Graeme Luke
Afshin Besharat   TBD TBD Sung-Sik Lee
Laura Bickley Fiona McNeill
Sara Bogojevic   ABB-327 21282 Cliff Burgess
Francisco Borges Zapata   ABB-327A 21389 Sung-Sik Lee
Anton Borissov   ABB-342 27279 Sung-Sik Lee
Nathan Brunetti   ABB-245C 28121 Christine Wilson
Kaitlin Cerrilo   ABB-253 24574 Ralph Pudritz
Xingzhi Cheng Soo Hyun Byun
Ryan Chown   ABB-244 26219 Christine Wilson and Laura Parker
Claude Cournoyer-Cloutier   ABB-244 26219 Sills/Harris
Sara Cormier   ABB-257 26098 Kari Dalnoki-Veress
Erica Dao Michael Farquharson
Sarah Dawson   ABB-342 27279 An-Chang Shi
Nick DeMarchi   TBA TBA Christine Wilson and Laura Parker
Thomas Domingo Soo Hyun Byun
Veronika Dornan   ABB-244 26219 William Harris
Lauren Dutcher   ABB-239 24815 Kari Dalnoki-Veress
Liam Farrell   ABB-269-C 26569 Duncan O'Dell
Adam Fortais   ABB-239 24851 Kari Dalnoki-Veress
Richard Garnett Soo Hyun Byun
Joshua Hainge   ABB-341 21237 Duncan O'Dell
Hao He   ABB-245C 28121 Christine Wilson
Yasaman Heshmatzadeh   TBD TBD Kari Dalnoki-Veress
Sebastian Himbert   ABB-337 26376 Maikel Rheinstadter
Jonathan Hoggarth   ABB-337 26376 Kari Dalnoki-Veress
Gregory Kaplanek   ABB-327B 21086 Cliff Burgess
Jeremy Karam   ABB-244 26219 Alison Sills
Hamza Khattak   ABB-337 26376 Kari Dalnoki-Veress
Wyatt Kirkby   ABB-327 21282 Duncan O'Dell
Edcer Laguda   TBA TBA Soo Hyun Byun
Tom [Chi To] Lai   ABB-335 27437 An-Chang Shi
James Lambert   ABB-269D 26057 Erik Sorensen
Blake Ledger   ABB-245-C 28121 Christine Wilson
Carmen Lee   ABB-239 24851 Kari Delnoki-Veress
Joshua Lee Farrell
Megan Li Carmel Mothersill
Qianli Ma   ABB-251 21487 Bruce Gaulin
Jean-Christophe Ono-dit-Biot   ABB-335 27437 Kari Dalnoki-Veress
Ben K.D. Pearce   ABB-253 24574 Ralph Pudritz
Matthew Pula   ABB-251 21487 Graeme Luke
Jury Radkovski   TBA TBA Sergey Sibiryakov
Jonathon Riddell   ABB-269D 26057 Erik Sorensen
Hector Robinson   ABB-269 27083 James Wadsley
Josef Rucska   ABB-269 27083 James Wadsley
Sudarsham Sharma   ABB-251 21487 Graeme Luke
Lyndsay Simmons Michael Noseworthy
Rachna Singh Soo Hyun Byun
Evan Smith   ABB-251 21487 Bruce Gaulin
Shayenthiran Sreetharan Doug Boreham
Michael Stolle   ABB-335 27437 Cecile Fradin
Ruoyu Sun Soo Hyun Byun
Sriram Sundaram   ABB-269C 26569 Duncan O'Dell
Jerry [Jiaming] Wang   ABB-251 21487 Takashi Imai
Ivy [Xin] Wang   ABB-327A 21389 Catherine Kallin
Jiayu Xie   ABB-335 27437 An-Chang Shi
Yang Yang   TBD TBD An-Chang Shi
Weishi Yuan   ABB-251 21487 Takashi Imai
Lili Zhang   ABB-335 27437 Cecile Fradin

*The 5-digit telephone extensions beginning with a '2' should be preceded by +1-905-525-9140 if calling from off-campus. The McMaster general phone number may be reached at 905-525-9140.

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