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Masters Students

Name (Degree)LocationPhone*EmailSupervisor
Hayley Agler   ABB-337 24551 Kari Dalnoki-Veress
Muhannad Alghoul   TBD TBD Josip Zic
Sebastian Avakian   TBD TBD Erik Sorensen
Monika Azmanska   ABB-251 21487 Pat Clancy / David Venus
Gillian Bogert   ABB-253 24574 Ralph Pudritz
Cameron Burns   ABB-337 26376 Kari Dalnoki-Veress
Mihnea Constantin   TBD TBD Laura Parker
Ryan Cooke   TBD TBD Josip Zic
Sarah Costa   TBD TBD Michael Farquharson
Daniel Dobrowolski   ABB-251 21487 Pat Clancy / David Venus
Ben Dyer   TBD TBD Soo Hyun Byun
Lionel Fernandes   TBD TBD Laura Parker
Lauren Foster   ABB-244 26219 Laura Parker
Jonah Gautreau   ABB-251 21487 Graeme Luke
Erik Gillis   ABB-327 21282 Ryan Cloutier
Celine Greis   ABB-245C 28121 Christine Wilson
Connor Gresham   TBD TBD Carmel Mothersill
Nicole Gromek   ABB-327 21282 Ryan Cloutier
Samuel Hancock   GSB-310 TBD Carmel Mothersill
Taavishi Jindel   TBD TBD Christine Wilson
Alexander Kayssi   ABB-327 21282 Sergey Sibiryakov
Osvald Klimi   ABB-245C 28121 Christine Wilson
Andrew Kovachik   ABB-341 21237 Sergey Sibiryakov
Jennifer Laing   ABB-245C 28121 Christine Wilson
Chak hei Lau   ABB-342 27279 Sung-Sik Lee
Dylan Lazarus   ABB-248 24309 Laura Parker
Yu Li   ABB-335 26376 An-Chang Shi
Jinlu Liu   TBD TBD Laura Parker
Wei Liu   TBD TBD Soo Hyun Byun / Carmel Mothersill / Colin Seymour
Emmett McFarlane   ABB-269 27083 James Wadsley
Nicole Mulyk   ABB-248 24309 Doug Welch
Michelle Nguyen   ABB-244 26219 Alison Sills
Padraic Odesse   ABB-269 27083 James Wadsley
Nicholas Owens   ABB-253 24574 James Wadsley
Megan Oxland   ABB-244 26219 Laura Parker
Beide (Alan) Ren   TBD TBD Laura Parker
Julianna Sebastiani   TBD TBD Fiona McNeill
Bobby Tang   TBD TBD Michael Farquharson
Mackenzie Tigwell   GSB-314 TBD Andrea Armstrong
Haoshuai Wang   GSB-310 TBD Soo Hyun Byun
Yanfeng Xie   GSB-310 TBD Soo Hyun Byun
Zixiao Yin   TBD TBD Laura Parker
Peixiao (Karl) Zhou   TBD TBD Soo Hyun Byun
Yijia Zi   ABB-251 21487 Pat Clancy

*The 5-digit telephone extensions beginning with a '2' should be preceded by +1-905-525-9140 if calling from off-campus. The McMaster general phone number may be reached at 905-525-9140.

PhD Students

Name (Degree)LocationPhone*EmailSupervisor
Sami Ullah Bangash   GSB-314 TBD Farquharson/McNeill
Afshin Besharat   ABB-327B 21389 Sergey Sibiryakov
Laura Bickley   GSB-312 TBD Fiona McNeill
Sara Bogojevic   TBD TBD Cliff Burgess
Francisco Borges Zapata   ABB-327A 21086 Sung-Sik Lee
Anton Borissov   ABB-327A TBD borissoa Sung-Sik Lee
Kaitlin Cerrillo   ABB-253 24574 Ralph Pudritz
Xingzhi Cheng   TAB-208 TBD Soo Hyun Byun
Claude Cournoyer-Cloutier   ABB-244 26219 Alison Sills / Bill Harris
Megan Cvitan   ABB-248 24309 Chen / Lennarz
Thomas Domingo   TAB-202 TBD Soo Hyun Byun
Veronika Dornan   ABB-244 26219 William Harris
Lauren Dutcher   ABB-337 26376 Kari Dalnoki-Veress
Pirouz Emami   GSB-312 TBD Chris Thome
Liam Farrell   ABB-269-C 26569 Duncan O'Dell
Joshua Hainge   ABB-341 21237 Duncan O'Dell
Serge Hamoudou   ABB-327B 21086 Cliff Burgess
Katherine Hartman   ABB-244 26219 William Harris
Hao He   ABB-245C 28121 Christine Wilson
Yasaman Heshmatzadeh   ABB-337 26376 Kari Dalnoki-Veress
Jonathan Hoggarth   ABB-337 26376 Kari Dalnoki-Veress
Symphony Huang   ABB-251 21487 Bruce Gaulin
Denise Kamp   ABB-269C 26569 Duncan O'Dell and Cliff Burgess
Jeremy Karam   ABB-244 26219 Alison Sills
Hamza Khattak   ABB-337 26376 Kari Dalnoki-Veress
Hannah Krivic   ABB-337 26376 Maikel Rheinstadter
Shubham Kukreja   ABB-327A 21389 Sung-Sik Lee
Edcer Laguda   GSB-310 TBD Soo Hyun Byun
Blake Ledger   ABB-245-C 28121 Christine Wilson
Megan Li   TBD TBD Carmel Mothersill
Hyunjin Park   ABB-335 27437 Paul Higgs
Rachel Pillsworth   ABB-253 24574 Ralph Pudritz
Matthew Pula   ABB-251 21487 Graeme Luke
Jury Radkovski   ABB-342 27279 Sergey Sibiryakov
Addison Richards   ABB-269D 26057 Erik Sorensen
Hector Robinson   ABB-269 27083 James Wadsley
Sudarshan Sharma   ABB-251 21487 Graeme Luke
Lyndsay Simmons   IAHS-331 TBD Michael Noseworthy
Evan Smith   ABB-251 21487 Bruce Gaulin
Shayenthiran Sreetharan   TBD TBD Doug Boreham
Michael Stolle   ABB-330 26126 Cecile Fradin
Ruoyu Sun   NRB-B106 TBD Soo Hyun Byun
Sriram Sundaram   ABB-269C 26569 Duncan O'Dell
Jerry [Jiaming] Wang   ABB-251 21487 Takashi Imai
Jiayu Xie   ABB-335 27437 An-Chang Shi
Yang Yang   ABB-335 27437 An-Chang Shi

*The 5-digit telephone extensions beginning with a '2' should be preceded by +1-905-525-9140 if calling from off-campus. The McMaster general phone number may be reached at 905-525-9140.

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