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W.J. McCallion Planetarium
(Hamilton, Ontario)

Next Public Show — December 7, 2022
Topic:Introductory Astronomy for Kids - Solar System
Introduction: Often times in the history of science, women's contributions can go unnoticed or underappreciated. Taking time to shine a spotlight on what we have learned about our Universe thanks to some incredible women can give us a more complete understanding of who is behind the telescope. Join us in discussing astronomers such as Vera Rubin, Henrietta Swan Leavitt, Jocelyn Bell Burnell, among many others, exploring the history of astronomy, and learning about our Universe through each of their discoveries. We strongly encourage visitors to the Planetarium to wear masks for the duration of the show as the space is small and enclosed.
Show Times:5:45 pm, 7:00 pm
Reserve Tickets:Reserve your tickets and manage your reservations here. Tickets may be available at the door, but this is not guaranteed. If a show is sold out you can choose to be added to the waiting list, and you will be notified if seats become available. Please note that latecomers cannot be admitted and if you are late, your reserved tickets may be given away to those without reservations.
Future Shows:See a full list of all future shows here.


Thank you for your interest in the William J. McCallion Planetarium. We are now once again taking private group show bookings and have resumed our public show schedule on Wednesday evenings. Should you have any specific inquiries or would like to book a show, please reach out to planetarium@physics.mcmaster.ca.

To ensure that we are conducting our reopening plan as safely as possible, we strongly encourage all visitors to the Planetarium to wear masks for the duration of the show as the space is small and enclosed (note: McMaster also strongly encourages visitors to wear masks while inside buildings on campus according to their most recent update).

We appreciate your understanding and flexibility as we continue to adapt to the guidelines laid out by McMaster to ensure a safe reopening. We are privileged that we will soon be able to host you in our space once again. Please direct your concerns and questions to: planetarium@physics.mcmaster.ca.

Sincerely, The McCallion Planetarium team

Next Observing Sessions —
Details:Join the McCallion Planetarium presenters, astronomy graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to view the night sky through the Department of Physics and Astronomy's telescopes. Reservations for this free viewing event are not required. Visitors are welcome to simply take a quick peak as they are passing, or to stay for the duration of the event. Dress warmly! For more information please visit the McMaster Sidewalk Astronomy website.
Location:McMaster University, near the turning circle in front of buildings 50 (Mary Keyes Residence) and 26 (Matthews Hall). See Discover McMaster or Location and Directions for a campus map and further directions to campus.
Weather:The planetarium shows can go ahead during weather of all types, the observing events are weather permitting. If the observing event is cancelled, a note will be posted here on the McMaster Sidewalk Astronomy website.