Student Societies

McMaster Undergraduate Physics Society (MUPS)

MUPS is a sub-society of the McMaster Science Society. We represent all undergraduate students in a physics program or a program jointly with the McMaster Physics & Astronomy Department. We host a multitude of events for socialization, career planning, academic support and more. Popular events among us include Meet The Profs, Social Nights, Graduate Panels and our LaTeX Workshop.

McMaster Undergraduate Physics Society (MUPS) website

McMaster's Sidewalk Astronomy

McMaster's Sidewalk Astronomy is a public outreach initiative that is run by the graduate students at McMaster's Department of Physics and Astronomy. We give the public of Hamilton, Ontario and the surrounding areas the unique opportunity to look through a powerful telescope at some of the brightest celestial objects in the sky.

McMaster's Sidewalk Astronomy website

Promoting Inclusivity in Physics & Astronomy (PIPA)

Promoting Inclusivity in Physics & Astronomy website

Condensed Matter Journal Club

The Condensed Matter Journal Club is intended for condensed matter physicists of all varieties. At these meetings, a member delivers a talk describing a recent publication or topic of contemporary interest in the field, followed by a lively discussion. Usually, these talks are given by graduate students in the department, however, occasionally the club may also host talks by speakers visiting from other institutions. These meetings provide a good opportunity for students to practise their speaking skills in a friendly environment and we encourage all graduate students to give at least one talk per year at these meetings.

Condensed Matter Journal Club website

Astrophysics Journal Club

The Astrophysics Journal Club includes graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and faculty working in astronomy and astrophysics at McMaster University. The club meets once a week where one or two members give 25-minute talks describing a recent publication or topic of contemporary interest in the field, followed by 5 minutes of discussion. Occasionally the club also hosts talks by speakers visiting from other institutions.

Astrophysics Journal Club website

McMaster Astronomy and Physics Student Association (MAPSA)

MAPSA constitution

The McMaster Club Directory holds the list of every McMaster club available to students. Here you can find descriptions and website links to each club. Please see the website for more details. 

Information on athletics at McMaster can be found on the McMaster Athletics and Recreation website. Here, information on activities offered, bookings, services and facilities can be found. Please see the website for more details. 

The McMaster Student Union (MSU) is the largest group on campus representing approximately 24,000 undergraduate students at McMaster University. All students enrolled in 18 (or more units) are members of the MSU. For information on events, student government or employment positions, please see the website. 

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