Honours Biophysics Program


What: A new Biophysics program

When: Starting September 2012

Where: McMaster University

For whom: Students interested in the quantitative aspects of the biological sciences

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Meet the profs

Dr. Dalnoki-Veress

Dr. Fradin

Dr. Higgs

Dr. Rheinstadter

Dr. Shi


Honours Biophysics

McMaster’s Honours Biophysics is an interdisciplinary program hosted by the Physics and Astronomy department. Its goal is to train students who will be able to address biologically relevant questions in a quantitative manner.

The course structure is designed to provide a solid foundation in the physical sciences while allowing students to acquire a broad knowledge in the biological sciences. The flexible structure means that students can chose to learn in depth about specific aspects of the biological sciences that interest them (e.g. cell biology or neurobiology...).

An important focus of the program is the acquisition of practical knowledge. Students participate in research projects starting in level II with the course “Explorations in Biophysics”, right up to level IV when they complete a full year research thesis.

The limited enrolment format allows significant contact time between the students and the faculty.

This program prepares students for a variety of careers, including graduate studies in various fields ranging from the physical to the life sciences, employment in industry, medical school, teaching and more.