Catalogs and Manuals

Catalog of Milky Way Globular Clusters

Since 1996 I have published on the Web a catalog of data for all known globular clusters in the Milky Way. The latest edition of the catalog is December 2010. The datafile is found here:

  • Milky Way GC Catalog Data File (2010)
  • and the bibliography (source reference file and complete explanation of the various parameters and their calibrations) is here:

  • Catalog Bibliography (2010)
  • The previous (2003) edition is still available here:
  • Catalog Data File (2003)     Catalog Bibliography (2003)

  • Catalog of Globular Cluster Systems in Galaxies

    This catalog gives a list of globular cluster populations in galaxies known as of January 2013. The datafile is found here:

  • GCS Catalog Data File (2013)

    The catalog is published in Harris, W.E., Harris, G.L.H., and Alessi, M. 2013, ApJ 772, 82. Please refer to this paper in any use you make of the catalog.

    Here is a basic User's Manual for DOLPHOT, Andrew Dolphin's code for stellar photometry particularly for the HST ACS and WFC3 cameras.

    Here is a User's Manual for DAOPHOT in IRAF or PyRAF

    This how-to manual guides you through the use of all the standard subroutines in the IRAF/PyRAF implementation of Peter Stetson's DAOPHOT code for stellar photometry on CCD images.

    Catalog of SDSS Standard Stars

    Elizabeth Wehner has produced a catalog of magnitudes and colors in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey system (u'g'r'i'z') for the Landolt set of standard stars all around the sky. The UBVRI magnitudes from Landolt, A.U. 1992 (AJ 104, 340) have been transformed to the SDSS system with the equations given in Fukugita, M. et al. 1996 (AJ 111, 1748). The complete catalog is here.