Physics 756 Sepcial Topics in Biophysics 2015

Dr Paul Higgs

Course Outline

Assignment 1 

Assignment 2

Assignment 3


Percolation etc

Powerpoint slides on percolation:   PPT

Powerpoint slides on growth models:   PPT

Berkowitz and Ewing 1998 - Percolation theory and Network modelling applications in soil physics


Notes on Quasispecies

Eigen et al Quasispecies Theory

Bull et al Quasispecies made simple

Harris & Chen Review of Quasispecies and Hypercycles

Game Theory

Game Theory Lecture notes

Cooperation Lecture Notes

Five Rules about evolution of cooperation (Nowak)

Cooperation in the RNA World (Higgs)


Schedule for Presentations


Tue 10th March -

(a) Michael - Evolutionary stability of minimal mutation rates - Birch2015

(b) Gordon - Reed-Frost model of epidemics - Fox1971


Fri 13th March -

(a) Markus - Genetic drift in an expanding population

(b) Rick - Growth of amyloid fibrils


Tue 17th March -

(a) Solomon - Evolution in a changing environment - adaptive evolution

(b) Adam - Plaque formation


Fri 20th March -

(a) Raphael - Learning v. Evolutionary strategies in the War of Attrition


Miscellaneous Papers

Drossel and Schwabl 1992 - Self-organized critical forest-fire model

Useful Textbooks

D Stauffer and A Aharony - Introduction to percolation theory

A Bunde and S Havlin - Fractals and Disordered systems

M Newman, A. Barabasi and D. J. Watts. 2006. - The Structure and Dynamics of Networks.