Here we are (together with Sung-Sik Lee and Werner Friesendorf) at Perimeter Institute on one of our PI days.

  Professor Cliff Burgess  
  I am a high-energy particle theorist whose wild oats were sown working in string theory, but whose research interests have since taken a more phenomenological and cosmological turn. At present my interests lie at the interface between string theory and lower-energy physics, with a particular emphasis on how the discovery of branes (and the realization that we may be trapped on one) may have observable consequences in experiments and in cosmology. In particular, I am working on the implications I believe this may have for Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Inflation and for the Large Hadron Collider.To the extent that there is a theme to my research, it would be the use of effective field theory techniques throughout high-energy physics and other fields. These techniques permit a general understanding of the low-energy (or long-wavelength) behaviour of any physical system. They are particularly apt for our present situation in particle physics, where it appears that the energy scale of any unknown physics beyond the Standard Model is high compared to those that are experimentally accessible. But part of the beauty of these techniques is that they are also applicable in other areas of physics and so they permit a unified perspective towards theoretical physics as a whole.Check out my web page for more details. | | 905-525-9140 x23175 | 905-546-1252 | ABB 324
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  Gabriel Magill Ph.D. 2018    
  Itay Yavin Professor 2012-2017    
  Peter Hayman M.Sc. 2016    
  Jared Enns M.Sc. 2016    
  Ross Diener Ph.D. 2016    
  Ryan Plestid M.Sc. 2015    
  Joey Sham  M.Sc. 2015    
  Dr. Brian Shuve Postdoc 2012-2014    
  Matthew Williams Ph.D. 2013    
  Matthew McCreadie M.Sc. 2013    
  Robin Tunley M.Sc. 2012    
  Allan Bayntun Ph.D. 2012    
  Michael Horbatsch Ph.D. 2012    
  Leo van Nierop Ph.D. 2011    
  Andrew Louca M.Sc. 2010