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Press coverage of our work:

(a) Quantum spin liquid

Physics Today article (2016).

Perspective in Science magazine published in Science (2015) about our discovery of the NMR signature of a gapped spin liquid ground state in "Herbertsmithite" kagome Heisenberg antiferromagnet in M. Fu's Ph.D. dissertation work. 

A highlighting article in Nature Materials (2015).

An article published in Hamilton Spectator (local newspaper) (2015).

(b) Iron-pnictide high temperature superconductivity

Physics Synopsis (Link) (2011) featured our NMR investigation of structural, electronic, magnetic, and superconducting properties of the new high Tc superconductor KxFe2-ySe2.  This project was carried out by graduate students Dave Torchetti and Mingxuan Fu in collaboration with Dr. Cedomir Petrovic's group in Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York. 

Nachrichten aus der Chemie article (PDF) published by German Chemical Society in March 2010.

Physics Today article (PDF) (2009) on our NMR discovery of the link between spin fluctuations and high temperature superconductivity in the iron-based superconductor Ba(Fe,Co)2As2.  See Fig.3; the results are based on Fanlong Ning's Ph.D. thesis work, in collaboration with strongly correlated electron system group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Nature Materials article (PDF) (2009) on our NMR discovery of the proximity between pressure-induced high temperature superconductivity in FeSe and incipient magnetic phase transition.   Ref. [10] in p-616 is our publication, carried out in collaboration with Prof. R. Cava's group at Princeton University.

Nikkei Business Daily article (PDF) (a major Japanese newspaper) (2008) on our NMR discovery of the absence of induced localized moments in  Ba(Fe,Co)2As2

(c) Copper-oxide high temperature superconductivity

Science article (PDF) in 2000 on our earlier discovery on the quantum critical point and related issues in copper-oxide La2-xSrxCuO4.  (Fig.4 is from our publication, ref [21].  Ref. [24] is from A. Hunt's thesis work.)

Science article in 1999 on our earlier discovery on the signature of stripe ordering in La2-xSrxCuO4.

(d) Quantum Criticality

Physics Viewpoint (2014) highlighted the significance of our experimental test of the fundamental theories behind quantum criticality of the transverse field Ising chain model.

Physics World article (PDF) about our earlier contributions in the research field of quantum phase transition.

(e) Other topics

Physics Today article (PDF) in 2001 on our NMR investigation of the anomalous metallic state above Tc in the unconventional superconductor Sr2RuO4.