Alumni of the Luke Group -- Click on Thesis Titles for link to download

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James Beare

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Matthew Nugent

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Megan Rutherford

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Yipeng Cai

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Murray Wilson

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Alannah Hallas

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Teresa Medina

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Travis Williams

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Rob D'Ortenzio

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Adam Aczel

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Jose Rodriguez

  • PhD thesis:
  • Completed 2009.
  • Present Position: Postdoctoral Research Fellow at PSI (Switzerland).
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Weiqiang Yu

  • Postdoc
  • 2008-2009
  • Present Position: Professor of Physics at Remnin University (China).
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Greg MacDougall

  • PhD thesis: μSR and Susceptibility Studies of the Normal State of Unconventional Superconductors
  • Completed 2008.
  • After graduation: Research Scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
  • Present position: Assistant Professor of Physics, University of Illinois.
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Sung-Jae Kim

  • MSc thesis: Magnetic Properties of the Pyrochlore Ho2Ru2O7.
  • Completed 2007.
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Pavlos Kyriakou

  • MSc thesis: Studies of Zn-Doped Bi2212
  • Completed 2005.
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Martin Rovers
  • MSc thesis: Muon Spin Relaxation Investigation of the Spin Dynamics of Geometrically Frustrated Chromites
  • Completed 2004.