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Major Areas

The Department of Physics & Astronomy at McMaster is committed to exploring new and ground-breaking areas of research, with faculty members working in quickly-developing research areas as biophysics, polymer physics and quantum computing, and explorations of the newest developments in astrophysics, cosmology, quantum matter, and medical physics research.

Major Areas Of Research

Astrophysics Explore Astrophysics

The Astrophysics Group at McMaster provides a wide range of expertise and a vital research environment…

Elementary Particle Physics Explore Elementary Particle Physics

Subatomic physics represents the cutting edge of our knowledge of physics on the smallest scales…

Laser Physics, Quantum Optics & Ultracold Atoms Explore Laser Physics, Quantum Optics & Ultracold Atoms

An interdisciplinary realm of optics, atomic and molecular physics, quantum mechanics, and materials science…

Quantum Condensed Matter Physics Explore Quantum Condensed Matter Physics

McMaster provides outstanding opportunities for studies in experimental condensed matter physics…

Soft Condensed Matter & Biophysics Explore Soft Condensed Matter & Biophysics

In our department, five active research groups are working in the area of Soft Matter and Biophysics…

Medical Physics Explore Medical Physics

Medical Physicists are responsible for radiation therapy treatment planning and the oversight of medical imaging…

Nobel Laureate

Bertram Brockhouse, Nobel Laureate View Biography

Biography prepared by John R.D. Copley at the time of Dr. Brockhouse’s retirement in 1984….