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Succeed in Physics

Prep Manual

Download the Physics Preparation and Review Manual here.

Modules And Activities

Wolfram Alpha

There are plenty of fantastic Physics demonstrations run by Wolfram Alpha. If you want to watch some fantastic modules, download the Wolfram Alpha player found here and follow the instructions to download the player. Once the player is installed, you will be able to download demos from Wolfram Alpha and open them with the player, giving you the chance to play around with different physics concepts.

The master list of high school physics demonstrations can be found here.

Here are some specific demos that are very helpful and fun to play around with:

Forces Acting On A Ladder

Great for reminding yourself about equilibrium and how different forces act on objects.

Two Masses On An Inclined Plane

A great demonstration for exploring equilibrium between masses, and how inclined planes affect forces.

Newton’s Second Law

Another great force related module, where the second law is demonstrated.

Shooting A Bullet From A Car

This is a great demonstration if you need a reminder about projectile motion and how movement and initial conditions affect projectiles.

The Photoelectric Effect

A great demonstration to explore the photoelectric effect, and explore a more modern physics topic.

Polarization Of An Electromagnetic Wave

A great demonstration for visualizing what polarization means with respect to waves of light.

Potential Field Of Two Charges

A fantastic demonstration for understanding some of the basics of electricity and magnetism, and visualizing how two charges interact.