Tom Timusk
Tom Timusk
Professor Emeritus
ABB 258
I am working on the optical properties of novel quantum materials. The recently discovered  superconductor, hydrogen sulfide with a transition temperature of 203 K at a pressure of 150 Gpa is one example. Here the goal is to establish the mechanism of superconductivity using optical spectroscopy. Another interest is the strange behavior of many metals. Their optical properties are anomalous and seem to contradict accepted theories. The optical spectrum of the mysterious hidden order state in uranium ruthenium silicon is another quantum phenomenon that my group has been working since its discovery.  Recently I have returned to study the strange resonance at terahertz frequencies  in arrays of holes  in metal plates. These devices, discovered by Paul Richards and I years ago are used in millimeter wave astronomy as filters but the mechanism of their high transmission has not been explained.

Optical properties of novel quantum materials (e.g., new H3S 203 K superconductor), strange metals and terahertz optical structures.

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